Our Focus

Our focus of investment is in startups that have completed angel investments and have developed a core solution with one or more lead customers, with proof of recurring revenue, and are now looking to scale operations, revenue and customer engagement via an early stage seed extension.

We invest our time and capital in verticals and markets, we are deeply passionate about. This we believe, is where we bring value to our investments. Our core investment areas are in B2B or B2B2C business solutions that use AI, cloud and big data, IoT, robotics, 5G and/or mobility and focus on:





Clean Tech

Featured Investment

SaaS platform offering new productivity efficiencies for logistics and freight forwarders enhancing the value of their services

Leveraging the power of technology, India-based FreightBro enables freight forwarders to make data-driven decisions, predict changes in the market and provide better value to shippers

FreightBro, is a SaaS platform for freight forwarders and other logistics service providers, designed to bring digital efficiency to a traditional value chain.

RiSo Capital invested in FreightBro because they leverage the power of cloud, analytics, and AI technologies to enable freight forwarders to make data-driven decisions, predict changes in the market, and provide better value to shippers. FreightBro is now scaling out of India and addressing a global market.

Our Start-ups

We are proud to support exceptional entrepreneurs with navigating their journey to become global companies. At Riso Capital, we help startups with validated solutions as they grow and scale.

These companies are India-based startups solving global problems at scale.



DheeYantra is a Cognitive Conversational AI startup offering the first and only conversational AI driven natural language processing platform in India currently supporting all major conversational Indian Languages. 



FreightBro offers an intuitive digital SaaS platform that enables freight forwarders to procure rates faster, reduce inefficiencies, boost sales, and make data-driven decisions. It enables management of all shipment activities in a single intuitive platform that ensures seamless customer experiences.


ION Energy

Offering the world’s most advanced Battery Management and Intelligence platform, ION Energy’s technology leverages software analytics and AI to significantly improve battery performance. Battery Makers and OEMs use the platform to accelerate the development of their battery management systems.



Simplifying Building Access Control — A truly wireless, cloud based access control platform. With solutions for multiple environments, from professional building work space requirements to hospitality and residential access control, Spintly is offering a paradigm shift in the access control industry.


Tango Eye

By leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced real-time analytics, Tango Eye provides actionable insights for the retail industry. It helps businesses uncover shopping patterns by understanding a store’s traffic and enabling them to improve sales conversions.